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Storage Tips

Packing your items efficiently will mean saving money.  You can fit more into your storage unit than you think!  Don’t just think of the units floor space...there is plenty of height in our units and you can pack right up to the ceiling.


Tips for efficient storage


Stack chairs seat to seat.  Stand beds against the walls in the storage unit.  Wrap items in plastic for safe keeping.  Use old blankets to pack in between items.  Put heavy/bulky items on the floor.  Lighter items can then be stacked on top  of these items.


Use square boxes to store personal items like books, photos and documents.  Don’t put too much in each box or you won’t be able to lift it!  Using boxes makes for efficient use of storage space.

Fragile Items

Wrap glassware in paper or bubble wrap.  Place extra packing around fragile goods.  Use “Fragile” stickers on the outside of boxes.  Don’t place heavy items on top of these boxes.

Soft Furnishing/Clothing

Use vacuum bags for the most efficient use of space.  Place in clearly marked boxes.  Use mothballs or similar for long term storage.

Hazardous Goods

You must not store dangerous or hazardous goods.  You are prohibited from storing illegal, stolen, perishable, environmentally harmful, explosive goods or uncontained foodstuffs.